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» Endürlük/Andronikion (Kayseri) - Greek and Karamanlide History «

In addition to the Greek population, the Karamanlids also belonged to the Greek Orthodox faith. However, they spoke Turkish, which they wrote with Greek letters. It is unclear whether the Karamanlids were originally Turks who converted to the Christian faith, or Greeks who assimilated in their language.
The Central Asian Turkic tribes were followers of a shamanistic faith. This only changed when they migrated to the West and came into contact with other religions. Thus the Khazars established a large empire on the lower Volga and converted to Judaism in the 8th century. At the end of the 10th century it was Seljuk, a prince of the Oghuz, who converted to Islam. He became the founder and eponym of the Seljuk empire, which defeated the Byzantine army of emperor Romanos IV Diogenes in 1071 at Manzikert (in East Anatolia).
When in 1923 in the Treaty of Lausanne between Greece and Turkey a "population exchange" was decided, both Greeks and Karamanlids had to leave Turkey.

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In front of a Karamanlidic house in Endürlük, Mükremin Tokmak, founder of the "Cappadocia History, Culture, Research & Protection Association" , tells some young people about the history of their homeland. In the background you can see the Kayalar Çeşmesi (= rock well), probably 2nd half of the 19th century.



Agia Triada
Greek. orthodox church from 1835











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