There are a lot of things that always catch your eye in Cuba. For example, many cities have a central square with a small park. Next to it there is of course the church. All this is lined by colourful houses in colonial style. American oldtimers, here a Chevrolet DelRay which was only produced in 1958, you will meet again and again. In all colors. Rarely in grey, black or white. If, then often two-colored. Beautifully dressed up oldtimers are mostly taxis for tourists. Locals rather use the bicycle taxi. Mostly it is a tricycle with a bench in second row, a roof for sun protection and a luggage rack above the handlebars. On it you can immortalize your admiration for Che Guevara, which is widespread all over the country. If you own a bike yourself, you will of course ride it. Gladly also in twos, whereby for smaller children a seat is made of wood. If this is to be made for a folding bicycle without a central bar, this is simply added by a wooden longitudinal bar to attach the child seat. The clothes of the Cuban women are also colourful. Occasionally shrill, but often enough not really tasteful. Leggings! They are worn everywhere, no matter if toddlers or great-grandmothers, beanpole or sumo wrestler! Maybe this is an expression of freedom, because as a schoolgirl you wear uniform: white blouse, black skirt, white knee socks. Boys also wear a uniform of white shirt and dark trousers. But outside school they prefer shorts to leggings thank God!