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» professional panorama photography «

On the following pages you will find more than 300 interactive panoramas. A large proportion of them are spherical panoramas, the perfect way to represent a room. The viewer is in the center and moves the space around him. There are also 360-degree panoramas and classical panoramic images with resolutions down to gigapixels.

inverted spherical panorama
an example from »specials«

Cappadocia ...

Nerik ...

old cultures ...

With a panoramic image on your website, you achieve a significantly longer page viewing time. This gives you the ability to attract your customers' emotions. A crucial role is played by the quality of the panorama. Present yourself professionally, and your customer will be convinced of your product.

The project examples show a variety of different areas in which I successfully used panoramic images. Among the "Specials" you'll find a variety of unusual panoramic formats and a few specific images.

To request a panoramic image, simply send me an email.

I hope you enjoy watching!

Heiner Sträßer, February 2012

In 1458 Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, born in Corsignano in 1405, was elected Pope. He gave himself the name of Pius II and decided to rename his birthplace Pienza and to transform it into a model city of the Renaissance. The architect Bernardo Rossellino received the commission. Work on the cathedral began in 1459. The location directly on the slope of the town hill led to a lowering of the ground. This can be clearly seen from the crack that runs right through the floor tiles and the wall (in the panorama covered by a column). In order to detect changes in the crack, the wall was equipped with several measuring instruments. Currently (2020) extensive restoration work is underway. - UNESCO World Heritage since 1996

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